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LnS is a professional biomedical consulting group for medical devices, ortho biologics, regenerative medicines, human cells, tissues, and cellular and tissue-based products. We provide a wide range of consulting services such as new product/process development, strategic business development, allograft tissue banking, and FDA submission. 
LnS maintains a worldwide network and history in the biomedical industry. We take the time to listen to our clients to understand what success looks like for them. We develop meaningful partnerships that focus on creating value both now and for the future.
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​LnS specialists
  • Accomplished and performance-driven research and development scientist with expertise in biologics, medical device, tissue engineering, and regenerative medicine for the muscular-skeletal disease. 
  • The resourceful and strategic planner who implements solutions to continuously improve processes, streamline workflow, ensure quality and accuracy, and maximize productivity and performance.

  • The positive and proactive leader who works well both independently and collaborates with medical groups, subject matter experts, and regulatory agencies, while coaching and mentoring cross-functional teams to ensure on-time project delivery and the advancement of organizational objectives.

Highlights of Achievements
  • New business partnerships by suggesting new product concepts, new business scope based on market trends.

  • Hands-on research and development experience in translational biologics, medical device, tissue engineering, and regenerative medicine research and product development.

  • Hands-on biocompatibility and bio-effectiveness tests based on ISO10993 and animal models.

  • Publishing many works in prestigious journals and many posters and oral presentations in academic meetings.

  • Awarded many Korean, US, and PCT patents for experimental methods, biologics, and medical devices.

  • Receiving many research grant awards and 10+ product commercialization.

  • New product development for osteoarthritis and sports medicine.

  • Gene therapy and combined medical device development and interact with CMO, CRO, and regulatory affairs specialists.

  • Biological effectiveness evaluation of stem cell therapy, biomaterials, recombinant protein, ortho-biologics, and medical device.

  • Development of new experimental models.

  • New technical process development for muscular-skeletal tissue repair and regeneration

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